About Us

Founded in 1959, Pidilite Industries Limited has been playing an integral role in your homes, offices and lives, for over 50 years. It is a name synonymous with delivering quality constructions, with comfort and care.

Pidilite develops a wide range of products, including adhesives and sealants, construction and paint chemicals, automotive chemicals, art materials, industrial adhesives, industrial and textile resins, and organic pigments and preparations. The brand’s extensive product portfolio includes Fevicol, Dr. Fixit, M-Seal, Fevikwik, Fevistik, Hobby Ideas, and Roff, to name a few. Fevicol is the largest-selling adhesive brand in Asia.

In 2004, Pidilite acquired Roff — the Construction Chemicals and Tile and Stone Fixing Solutions’ brand. Under the leadership of Pidilite, Roff now focusses on delivering a comprehensive range of Tile Fixing and Care, and Stone Fixing and Care products. Roff also offers a wide array of products in the categories of Building Repair, Grouting Solutions, and Waterproofing and Sanitary Solutions. Today, it is one of the leading tile adhesive manufacturers in India.

Pidilite — one of the most popular and trusted names in India — is now growing its international presence through acquisitions and by setting up manufacturing facilities and sales offices in important regions across the globe.


At Roff, we combine beauty with endurance. You can rely on Roff, not only for its dedication towards better tiling, but also for its legacy. Since 1986, Roff is a pioneer tile adhesive manufacturer, and represents reliability from the house of Pidilite.

We have a wide array of products in the categories of Tile Fixing and Care, Stone Fixing and Care, Building Repair, Grouting Solutions, and Waterproofing and Sanitary Solutions. We introduced the concept of tile-on-tile application in India, with our ground-breaking Non-Skid Adhesive (NSA) solution. Our high-quality products are used in residential properties, commercial establishments, and industrial and infrastructural utilities. At Roff, we invest in extensive research and development. Our wide network of dealers and stockists across India enables us to deliver timely solutions to our customers.

We share a solid bond of trust with our consumers, just like Fevicol, another Pidilite brand that is the most-trusted and highest-selling adhesive in Asia.

Our world-class range of products are more than just tile-fixing applications. They allow home owners, architects and builders to dream, and sit back without worry, knowing that their idea now has the perfect way to be executed. At Roff, it is our commitment to fulfill what they envision!