Everything you need to know about Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

The basement is integral to the structural integrity of a building. Today, the basement is no longer considered just another storage space. Increasingly you will find homes where the basement has been turned into a recreation room, gym or library. With basements being used in new and innovative ways, taking care of the basement takes on further importance.

When it comes to care and upkeep, basement waterproofing is possibly the most vital aspect, because basements are extremely prone to water seepage. This is because ground water usually builds up in the soil, which in turn exerts pressure on the basement floor and walls causing structural damage as well as mould, decay and seepage. Basement waterproofing can go a long way to mitigating these problems.

Keep an eye out for the signs of water damage and seepage in your basement. Look out for that typical mouldy and musty odour that is characteristic of water damage. Along with that take note of any cracks, damp patches on the walls and visible mould on the surfaces of the basement. If you notice of these signs of a wet basement, contact an expert for a consultation immediately. If not treated in time, a wet basement can greatly damage the structural integrity of your home.

Together, exterior and interior basement waterproofing methods can adequately combat the forces of water seepage. For enhanced efficacy the basement waterproofing methods must be chosen with care.

1. Interior wall and floor sealers
2. Interior water drainage
3. Exterior drainage
4. Exterior waterproofing coatings

Each of these basement waterproofing solutions has their benefits. Ideally they must be used in conjunction with each other for maximum effectiveness. However, choosing the right combination of procedures needs careful evaluation of the source of the problem.

Roff waterproofing products are extremely effective at combating water seepage and drainage problems in the basement.

Products offered by Roff:
Roff Hyproof – A liquid integral waterproofing compound for concrete, plaster and mortar
Roff Hydamp – A water based damp proof coating for interior walls
Roff Hyseal – A crystalline waterproofing compound. It is an alkaline cementitious powder based coating that is extremely effective for basements.
Roff Hyguard Ex – A polymer-modified cementitious protective and waterproof coating that is ideal for use in basements.