Epoxy Grout

When it comes to building a home, you will probably come across a range of terms that you are unfamiliar with. From waterproofing polymers to grout, the products needed to build a sound structure are plentiful. It is important to learn about these products so that you can make an informed decision when building your home.

One of the simplest, yet overlooked compounds that is integral to construction is epoxy grout.

So what is an epoxy grout?
Epoxy is created when a resin and hardener are polymerised. Mixing the resin with a catalyst initiates the process of curing which creates the characteristic rigidity and strength of the epoxy. Typically, epoxy can be used for multiple purposes as is primarily used as an grout.
The benefit of epoxy grout is that can adhere to a range of materials such as metal, ceramics, plastic and rubber. However, it is not ideal for use on flexible surfaces. Along with that it offers a high degree of chemical and heat resistance, superior adhesion, water resistance and even insulation properties. This makes it a compound that is integral to crafting a structurally sound home.

One of the most specific uses of epoxy grout is in grouting solutions. Grout is used to fill in the gaps and spaces between tiles to create a strong and durable floor. Grout can either be polymer or epoxy based, however epoxy grouts offer increased durability making them a sound choice.

Rainbow Tile Mate Epoxy by Roff is an epoxy grout based grouting solution that is ideal for use in areas that witness high footfall such as hospitals, schools and hotels. It also offers stain resistance, chemical resistance and a high degree of resistance to abrasion and impact.

Additional benefits of Rainbow Tile Mate:
• Stain-free
• Easy to clean
• Chemical-resistant properties
• Non-cracking or powdering
• Impermeable
• Non-toxic
• Restricts the entry of bacteria and dirt