How to Choose Floor Tiles for Your Home

Choosing the right floor tiles for your home is not just integral to the aesthetics of the space but also its functionality. While most people usually just pick tile flooring based on what looks good, there are actually a lot more factors that need to be taken in to consideration.

What kind of space is it?
The most important factor to consider is the nature of the space. Is it a kitchen, a bathroom or a patio? If it is a bathroom, then you need to consider anti-skid bathroom tile flooring. If it is a kitchen, then choose tiles made of materials that can withstand a high degree of wear and tear for kitchen tile flooring. Similarly, if it is a porch or patio then terracotta, stone, or porcelain would be a better option as they can withstand high variations in temperature and are more resilient to the forces of nature.

How often do you plan on retiling?
Most people are unaware that tile flooring options have a very definite shelf life. Vitrified tiles are better for those would like to re-do their floors every 5-8 years. Ceramic, porcelain or terracotta floor tiles last a fair bit longer. However, if you are looking at a long term solution that is robust and durable then stone or marble would be the smartest choice.

How’s the weather?
Natural factors like the climate must be taken in to account when making flooring decisions. Wooden flooring is best avoided in places where the climate is hot and humid, but are preferred choices in places that are cold and dry. Similarly, the use of stone and marble flooring tiles is advised in any place that faces temperature extremes due to their durability. Choosing floor tiles that are in harmony with nature will only increase their lifespan and effectiveness.

Tile Care
Different floor tiles need different levels of after-care. It is important to understand just how much care will be required of the tiles that you choose Marble for example need regular polishing to maintain its prized sheen. Ceramic tiles on the other hand, tend to stain easily and require the regular use of strong cleaners. Vitrified flooring is easily cleaned but does have a tendency to scratch easily. So consider each of these factors before narrowing down on your choice.