Stone cladding and fixing

Bringing together surfaces with strength and beauty

Stone fixers and stone adhesives play a very important role in achieving that final canvas of a well-laid-out surface. These products are used for a number of surfaces, from stone cladding to large format tiles, and help in joining or sticking two surfaces together.

At Roff, we offer a wide range stone fixing products that work on a variety of surfaces, are easy-to-use, and have superior features, such as excellent adhesion, low shrinkage and waterproofing characteristics. Our fast-acting, cost-effective products are often flexible-enough to accommodate thermal and physical movements, and have high penetration into cementitious substrates, bricks, etc.

Stone care

To protect and preserve your stones for years to come

Over a period of time, heat, dirt, grime, dust, friction and pressure adversely affect stone tiles and surfaces. Stones, as tough and robust as they may look, also require a care routine that doesn’t only keep them looking bright and new, but also protects them from stains and damage.

At Roff, we have specially-formulated products to make caring for stones easy. A regular care routine with these products will keep the stones going strong and looking beautiful for several years.