Roff Hyclear

External surface water repellant coating, with a glossy finish

Roff Hyclear is a colourless coating, which is quick drying. It penetrates into the pores of the substrate under treatment to bind the particles together in tough resilient, abrasion-resistant enamel. It provides a protective barrier on porous surfaces, which resists chemical. It is suitable as a base for protective enamel and waterproofing of masonry

It is used as a water repellent coating for concrete, brickwork, masonry, rendered and plastered walls and cement painted surfaces.

Hyclear By
Hyclear By


Brush and clean the surface of all dirt, laitance, loose particles and efflorescence thoroughlly.

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Defective joints in brick masonry and stonework must be retreated with polymer-modified mortar that is made with Roff Supercrete / Roff Bond Repair.

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Stir the container and its contents well before use.

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Apply Roff Hyclear on the walls and other vertical surfaces with a soft bristle brush liberally, ensuring penetration into the surface.

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Allow the surface to dry for four-six hours. Apply a second coat, if required.

  • High water repellence.
  • High penetration into cementitious substrates, bricks, etc.
  • Easy-to-apply with a brush.
  • Excellent waterproofing properties.
  • Water vapour permeable.
  • Forms an excellent moisture barrier film over new concrete surfaces.
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