Stone Cladding and Solutions

When a thin layer of stone or stimulated stone is applied on to a structure that is not made of stone, it is known as stone cladding. Both real stone and stimulated stone are applied to concrete or steel buildings for structural or aesthetic purposes. Stone cladding can be applied to a structure, both indoors and outdoors and sometimes entire buildings are clad in stone to create a striking visual.

Stone cladding out of stimulated stone uses any stone like product that has a concrete type base. This type of stimulated stone includes stone like tiles and is applied on light substrates. It is a low cost alternative to using real stone and is applied using a mortar mix. It is ideal for indoor use due to its light weight. Roff makes a wide variety of products that work well with stimulated stone products, ensuring strong and durable adhesion.

Alternatively, real stone that has been quarried and cut into thin slabs can be used as cladding. Popular types of stone used are granite and marble. Heavier than stimulated stone, real stone cladding needs mechanical fixing to adhere to substrates. This includes shelf angles or a product known as a stone clip. Real stone cladding is also useful outdoors where it performs both structural and aesthetic functions. Roff has a strong product portfolio for stone cladding using real stone. From marble to granite and more, each product ensures that the stone is adhered effectively with optimum durability.

Roff provides a wide range of products for both types of stone cladding, including stone fixers and stone adhesives. While ideal for stone cladding, these products can also be used for large format tiles or to stick two surfaces together. Each of our products are easy to use and are top quality. With excellent adhesion, low shrinkage and waterproofing characteristics, they are fast acting and cost effect solutions for all your stone cladding needs. Take your pick from our wide range of solutions and make your dream home come to life.