Industrial Adhesive

Industrial adhesive

An industrial adhesive is designed to bond most building materials used in the construction of residential and commercial structures. They come in different forms and are typically available in caulking tubes. Additionally, an adhesive that is suitable for an indoor application may not be able to withstand outdoor temperatures. Therefore selection will depend on the area and the purpose of the application.

Roff New Construction Tile Adhesive is one such construction adhesive which can be used to fix all types of tiles on floors and walls in new constructions. It is water resistant, needs no curing, and prevents cracking of tiles.

Usage instructions
Industrial adhesives are usually applied in beads or by means of a trowel for full coverage.

These are lines of construction adhesive that are applied using a caulk gun. This method is widely practised and is commonly used to bond large materials to large flat surfaces.

Full coverage
This method is used when an absolutely solid surface is required or when the material to be glued is of a smaller size. It is generally applied to bond floor tiles or ceramic tiles. Application of industrial adhesive to provide full coverage is usually done with a notched trowel. This guarantees that the correct amount of adhesive is applied and that the right thickness or consistency is maintained throughout the application.