Roff Cera Clean

High-quality cleaning and degreasing solution

Roff Cera Clean is a high-quality rapid active cleaner and degreasing solution that works effectively on tiles, bathtubs, wash basins, privy basins, concrete, etc. Whitish spots and layers, which are often seen under plastic and metal buckets placed in the bathroom, cannot be removed with normal detergent. Roff Cera Clean removes them easily. It can remove white/yellow spots and layers rapidly, as well as water stains over tiles, cement stains, grime, oil, paint stains, grease, moss and wax from concrete, asbestos, terrazzo and ceramics. It is ideal for cleaning the surface of floors in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, factories, general building sites, etc., where efficient cleaning is necessary. It is also an excellent solution for cleaning the surface before the application of epoxy products, and degreasing tiles in bathrooms, toilets, wash basins, etc.

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Product Application

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Before using Roff Cera Clean, test it. Apply it in a corner of the area and observe for 24 hours for any change.

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Pour Roff Cera Clean in a container and dilute it with water, if required.

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Wear gloves. Then, dampen a clean cloth with the solution. Apply the solution on the surface.

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After five minutes, brush it properly.

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Wash thoroughly with water for a clean and shiny surface.

  • Does not damage joints between ceramic tiles, even those grouted with coloured products.
  • Removes stains easily.
  • Degreases the remains of soaps, scum, efflorescence and mineral deposits from the surface of tiles.
  • Cleans ceramic, porcelain, and vitrified tile and grout.
  • Retains the glaze of the tiles.
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