Roff Glass Tile Adhesive (GTA)

Cementitious polymer-modified tile adhesive

Fixing of marble slabs, glass mosaic, glass tiles on internal, external wall, floor surfaces and swimming pool.

A high-strength tile adhesive suitable for fixing marble and glass mosaic on internal and external surfaces. White in colour, which makes it suitable for light-coloured marbles, too.

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Product Application

Glass Tile Adhesive by


The surface should be sound and thoroughly cleaned. Old surfaces should be free from wax, grease, polish, etc.

Glass Tile Adhesive by


Add three parts of Roff Glass Tile Adhesive (GTA) powder to one part of water. The addition of water should be adjusted to attain the desired consistency. Always add water to the powder.

Glass Tile Adhesive by


Mix the required quantity only, enough to be used within 60-minute pot life.

Glass Tile Adhesive by


Spread the adhesive to a thickness of approx. 1-2 mm and comb with a notched trowel. Remember to only apply the adhesive paste that can be tiled within 10-15 minutes.

Glass Tile Adhesive by


Start placing the tiles on the surface. Tap the tiles properly to ensure complete coverage on the backside of tiles.

Glass Tile Adhesive by


The backing paper of glass mosaic tiles must be removed after 24 hours. Allow it to set for 24 hours and start filling the joints the next day with Roff Rainbow Tile Mate (RTM) Epoxy tile grout.

  • Ready-to-use. Needs only mixing with water.
  • Saves time, as floors are ready-to-be-used after 24 hours.
  • Excellent adhesion and low shrinkage.
  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor and tile-on-tile applications.
  • Sufficiently flexible to accommodate physical and thermal movements.
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