Waterproofing Solutions

Perfect waterproofing solutions

Problems, such as leaking roofs, damp walls and plaster cracks are common to a number of constructions, old or new. It is important to address these issues before they weaken and damage the structure any further.

At Roff, we have a number of repair and water proofing solutions that treat leakages, pooling and cracks on walls, effectively. They are compatible with concrete, mortar mixes and a variety of solutions. These products offer the correct and most durable treatment, and also take care of the health of the surface.

Sanitary Solutions

Blending plumbing with perfection

Any construction requires an adequate amount of sanitation and plumbing work to keep the structure growing strong and safe for years to come.

At Roff, we offer sanitary solutions that take care of the health and hygiene of the plumbing work that is carried out in various constructions. A plumbing job that is done exceptionally well adds to the appearance and life of a structure. We offer products that help in getting the sanitation and plumbing jobs just right.