Product Disclaimer

The Product information and application details given by the company & its agents has been provided in good faith & meant to serve only as a general guideline during usage. Users are advised to carry out tests & take trials to ensure on the suitability of products meeting their requirement prior to full scale usages of our products. Since the correct identification of the problems, quality of other materials used, on-site workmanship are factors beyond our control there are no expressed or implied guarantee / warranty as to the results obtained. The Company does not assume any liability or any consequential damage for unsatisfactory results, arising from the use of our products.

Applicator Disclaimer

The company is not responsible for the misapplication of the products or for any claims arising out of applicators dealings with clients. Applicators should properly diagnose the problems, select the appropriate products /systems and do the proper application. Applicators should uphold the prestige and good will of the company. The company shall not be responsible for any acts of commission, omission or otherwise of the Applicator and/or any other person on his behalf.