Stone Care

Bringing together surfaces with strength and beauty

Stone fixers and stone adhesives play a very important role in achieving that final canvas of a well-laid-out surface. These products are used for a number of surfaces, from stone cladding to large format tiles, and help in joining or sticking two surfaces together.

At Roff, we offer a wide range of stone fixing products that work on a variety of surfaces, are easy-to-use, and have superior features, such as excellent adhesion, low shrinkage and waterproofing characteristics. Our fast-acting, cost-effective products are often flexible-enough to accommodate thermal and physical movements, and have high penetration into cementitious substrates, bricks, etc.

Tips for effective stone care and maintenance : 
⦁ Clean the surface regularly using our product with water. Avoid using a general purpose cleaner as this will only damage the stone quality and make it vulnerable to stains and discoloration.

⦁ If you haven’t cleaned the surface for a while, use our degreasing product to remove grease and dirt that has accumulated over time. This will ensure that the surface is thoroughly cleaned without affecting the quality of the stone.

⦁ A vital step towards implementing proper stone care is to protect it in the first place. Use Roff Stone guard Stone-based sealer formulated specifically for grout and stone.  It is water resistant and protects the grout from stains. Stones are highly porous and using our sealer will prevent any spills from getting through and causing damage to the stone.
Besides the above, it is also important to take preventive steps to ensure utmost stone care and maintenance.

⦁ Avoid keeping hot pans for longer durations on the kitchen surface.

⦁ Wipe up any spills immediately and don’t let any liquid rest on the surface for a longer time.

⦁ Exercise caution while handling heavy objects around the surface to prevent chipping.