Stone Fixing

Bringing together surfaces with strength and beauty

Stone fixers and stone adhesives play a very important role in achieving that final canvas of a well-laid-out surface. These products are used for a number of surfaces, from stone cladding to large format tiles, and help in joining or sticking two surfaces together.

At Roff, we offer a wide range of stone fixing products that work on a variety of surfaces, are easy-to-use, and have superior features, such as excellent adhesion, low shrinkage and waterproofing characteristics. Our fast-acting, cost-effective products are often flexible-enough to accommodate thermal and physical movements, and have high penetration into cementitious substrates, bricks, etc.

We are recognized for our high grade quality products and timely delivery among our customers. Each of our stone fixing adhesives is available in several sizes, so that they can be used for commercial as well as domestic use. You can view the details of each product listed above and choose one that will fulfil your needs best.

If you’re looking for a product to fix all types of light-coloured stones on internal walls and floors then Roff White Adhesive is all you need. It can also be used to fix stones in swimming pools and tile-on-tile application.

Roff Stone Tile Adhesive works best for stone fixing, large vitrified and vertical cladding, designed specifically for heavy duty tile applications.


⦁ Our stone fixing products are easy to use

⦁ Complicated and mechanical application of stones is avoided

⦁ Is one of the most economical ways of stone fixing.