Tile Cleaner and Care

Ensuring your décor masterpiece stays firmly in place

Tile fixers and tile adhesives form the backbone of your home. A quality tile fixer connects all your tiles together, to create a beautiful canvas from individual pieces. Tile fixing products are used for floorings, bathtubs, washbasins, kitchen tops and any other area where two surfaces need to stick together.

At Roff, we offer a wide range of tile fixing products for residential spaces, commercial and public areas, and industrial premises. Our range includes adhesives, grouts, sealers, additives and ancillary products, to fix all types of ceramic tiles, mosaics and natural stones, on all types of surfaces. Our fast-acting, cost-effective and easy-to- use tile fixing solutions can be used on walls and floors, in dry and wet environments, and internal and external surfaces.

Experts at Roff have a few tips on how to clean tiles with tile cleaners and prevent damage. Read on to learn about the best ways that ensure proper tile care and maintenance.

⦁ Start with preventive maintenance. Sweep or vacuum regularly as this will remove the dirt and prevent it from getting accumulated in the grout. Mop the tiles once a week using warm water and a mild detergent as this will reduce erosion caused due to sand and grit. For stains that won’t go away, use Roff Cera Clean, our tile cleaner to remove them easily.

⦁ A film of soapy residue can make the tiles look dull and more vulnerable to dirt. Don’t forget to rinse your tiles thoroughly with clean water to prevent any build-ups once you’re done cleaning them.

⦁ Loosen soil on glazed tiles using a soft bristle brush. Use our product for grout joints and make sure that all crevices are covered. Leave it for some time to loosen stubborn stains.

⦁ To ensure tile care for unglazed tiles, clean them regularly with our tile cleaner. Read instructions and check if the product can be used for the intended application before usage. Rinse the floor thoroughly with sufficient water.

⦁ Lastly, run a dry mop over the floor once you’re done cleaning to prevent rapid accumulation of dirt.

⦁ Follow these steps to ensure optimum tile care and maintenance. Also, don’t forget to undertake protective measures and wear gloves to protect your hands while cleaning the tiles.