Tile Fixing

Ensuring your decor masterpiece stays firmly in place

Tile fixers and tile adhesives form the backbone of your home. A quality tile fixer connects all your tiles together, to create a beautiful canvas from individual pieces. Tile fixing products are used for floorings, bathtubs, washbasins, kitchen tops and any other area where two surfaces need to stick together.

At Roff, we offer a wide range of tile fixing products for residential spaces, commercial and public areas, and industrial premises. Our range includes adhesives, grouts, sealers, additives and ancillary products, to fix all types of ceramic tiles, mosaics and natural stones, on all types of surfaces. Our fast-acting, cost-effective and easy-to- use tile fixing solutions can be used on walls and floors, in dry and wet environments, and internal and external surfaces.

General Steps

With our tile fixing solutions and a little help, even an amateur can fix tiles so seamlessly.
Our step by step fixing instruction below is all you need to get started.

General Steps Tab

Before you begin working on our tile fixing solution, clean the surface completely before you start placing the tiles, get rid of mud, wax grease, etc. Repair damaged and uneven areas to get a smooth and even finish.
Start from the centre of the room, cover a square metre of surface with adhesive and spread it evenly. Ensure you do not mix the complete adhesive is single go, only mix enough that can be used within 30 minutes. Use tile spacers for uniformity.
Keep tiling until you cannot place whole tiles anymore. Work on the edges later, which will require you to cut the tiles according to the space left.
Measure accurately and mark the tiles with a pencil before cutting it with a tile cutter. Before placing tiles on the edges, make sure the adhesive is in level with the rest of the surface. Remove/add adhesive if it appears uneven.
Keep tapping the tiles throughout the tile fixing procedure using a wood block and hammer. This will ensure that the tiles are firmly placed and the surface is plane. Remove surplus adhesive from joints with the help of putty knife.
All the hard work you’ve put in will require minimum 24 hours to dry. Avoid walking on it during this time and admire what you’ve created!