Roff Hyguard EX

Polymer-modified cementitious waterproof coating

Roff Hyguard EX is a ready-to-use two-pack polymer-modified cementitious protective and waterproof coating that is ideal for basements, roof slabs, water-retaining structures, sunken slabs, terrace slabs, water tanks, bathrooms, damp walls, foundations, etc.

Hyguard EX by

Product Application

Hyguard EX by


Hyguard EX by


Brush and clean the surface thoroughly to remove all laitance, loose particles, mortar droppings, release agents, oil, grease, dust, etc. Spalled concrete, cracks, etc., should be treated appropriately*.

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The prepared concrete or masonry surface should be wetted with water to achieve a saturated surface dry condition before the application of the coating.

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Mix it in a clean container, by slowly adding the powder to the liquid in a ratio of 3.5:1(powder: liquid). Stir with a slow speed mixer and a proper paddle. Mix for two-three minutes, until free from lumps.

Hyguard EX by


Apply the first coat of the mixed material using a short, stiff bristle brush over the prepared surface and allow it to dry for four-six hours. The first coat must be applied well into the undulations of the surface.

Hyguard EX by


The first coat will take four-six hours to dry. Apply the second coat after that.

Hyguard EX by


It is mandatory to protect the coating by overlaying mortar or plaster. If applied on horizontal surfaces, the screed must be, at least, 50 mm thick in M20 concrete. Consult Roff for technical details.

  • Ready to use. Needs to be mixed with water only.
  • Excellent adhesion, low shrinkage. The special additives in the product help minimise the shrinkage system.
  • Ideal for indoor and tile-on-tile applications.
  • Flexible-enough to accommodate thermal movements, which include temperature fluctuations and changes in environmental temperature, and physical movements, which include the movement, vibration and deflection that a fitting undergoes.
  • Needs no curing, no hacking or mechanical key on the surfaces.
  • Floors can be used as soon as after 24 hours.
  • Needs no soaking of tiles and backing of surface.

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