Sanitary Solutions

Blending plumbing with perfection

Any construction requires an adequate amount of sanitation and plumbing work to keep the structure growing strong and safe for years to come. At Roff, we offer sanitary solutions that take care of the health and hygiene of the plumbing work that is carried out in various constructions. A plumbing job that is done exceptionally well adds to the appearance and life of a structure. We offer products that help in getting the sanitation and plumbing jobs just right.

Sealants are used to form an airtight and waterproof seal between surfaces. While glues are used to fix a relatively brittle solid, sealants on the other hand are used to fix surfaces that are flexible, rubbery or tough. While some may require hours to seal the surfaces others will do so quickly when there’s presence of moisture.

Whether you’re looking to repair a leaking pipe or seal a bath tub, we have a wide range of sanitary solutions including sealants, adhesives, joint compound and plumbers putty to get it fixed. Our multi-purpose sanitary solutions offer excellent adhesion and can be used by anyone, from plumbers to DIY enthusiast. That’s not all these products not just work as a sealing agent, they will also offer a waterproof coating, a passivator coat and a bond coat to the area where it is used.